Events & Workshops

Christmas  Workshops

Special: $188/head , $368/2 heads

- Cookies

- Doughnuts

- Lollipop




Handmade Tofu Workshop



Spring Promotion 2016


$328/ 2 heads




Chinese Bun Workshop





Plant Jamming Workshop





Lollipop Workshop





Flower Pot Cake Workshop
Class A: Rose & Sunflower 
Class B: Rose & Hydrangea 
Class C: Sunflower & Hydrangea 

Rose Bouquet Cake Workshop


A fabulous bouquet cake ideal for gift only at $268/head now!

Kawaii !! 3D Ramen Cake Workshop


Iberico Ham Slicing Demonstration X Tapas Cooking X Wine Tasting

By Ms Conchi Martínez






Chocolate Snow Globe Workshop
- DIY cartoon chocolate (Hello Kitty/My Melody/Keroppi/Eiffel Tower)
- Customised chocolate words 
Rice Dumpling Workshop
To make 3 rice dumplings: traditional pork dumpling, black truffle dumpling and sweet potato dumpling.


Italian Spaghetti Workshop
To make 3 kinds of Italian traditional pasta by yourself with the guidance of experienced chef.
Pasta: Spaghetti, Ravioli, Farfalle, with exquisite tomato and cream sauce


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